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with Life, ADHD, and Clergy Coach Neil Swanson

Recently a client wrote:

“The value of the work we have done together cannot be overstated.”

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You Are So Much More Than Your Challenges!

Imagine if you could discover your unique best way to manage time, organize your things, and relate to others.


Imagine if you regularly had the undivided, nonjudgmental attention of a knowledgeable professional to support and challenge you. 


Imagine how your life will change with an experienced coach cheering you on.


My coaching has transformed the lives of many clients. 

The following are excerpts from some client testimonials.

(Read the full testimonials here.)


      . . . having Neil by my side allowed me to have a greater perspective that grew and grew as we worked together. It’s a funny thing, because at the start of every session, I didn’t even know that perspective was what I needed, but by the end, when I had it, I knew that I had all that I would ever need.    S.W., Connecticut

      Neil has once again helped me find some optimism and chip away at my challenges. Ultimately I have to do it myself, but Neil’s thoughtful guidance and caring are helping me make the way.    K.B., New Mexico

     Thanks again for all your help and great advice. I am feeling much better about things and life in general. I greatly appreciate it.     J.W., Virginia     

     Neil was always able to provide me with the right “tools” to address my ADHD issues. I always felt that I had something useful to take away after each session.     T.K., Virginia

     (Neil) has a way of cutting through the “stuff” I talk about to the essence of what’s important. He encourages me to look at things from different viewpoints that result in my realizing I can make different choices.     C.F., Pennsylvania

     Coaching has allowed me to see myself in a new light. This new light allows me to focus on my innate strengths and abilities as I move forward with a stronger sense of self. The impact and understanding of my life that I have gained from working with Neil has been invaluable.     D.L., Oregon 

     I responded like a fish to water to the respect, trust, compassion, openness, and validation Neil offered. From the beginning I felt free to share any and all aspects of myself in our collaboration.     K.D., Virginia







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Are some of these challenges getting in your way?

• overwhelm?
• procrastination?
• disorganization?
• inability to get started?
• lack of focus?
• difficulty setting a goal?
• limiting beliefs?
• distractibility?
• impulsivity?
• trouble prioritizing?
• lack of social skills?
• time blindness?

These are some of many challenges I can support you in overcoming, freeing you to become all you can be!


 I am an experienced Life and ADHD coach, having earned a PCC credential from the International Coaching Federation and a CACP credential from the Professional Association for ADHD Coaches. My practice is Free To Be Coaching in Warrenton, Virginia, but I meet with all of my clients virtually. Wherever you live, I can try to find a way to work with you.    

Powerful coaching has played a major role in addressing my own challenges. My focus now is to bring that sort of coaching to others who are seeking to overcome their challenges. You can read more about my personal journey on the Coach Neil page.  

If you feel your life could be richer and fuller, I invite you to explore how coaching with me can support you in moving toward your goals. During your FREE Introductory Conversation you will have an opportunity to share the challenges that are prompting you to consider coaching and to inquire about me or about my coaching process. I look forward to the possibility of talking with you.


Sign up for your free “Time and Focus Workbook”, a tool for increasing time awareness and productivity.

Along with the Workbook you’ll receive access to my series of instructional videos that support your use of the Workbook. You will also receive my periodic newsletter.


Overcoming Regret

Overcoming Regret

Do you sometimes find yourself deeply regretting some action you took or some words you spoke?

I think we all have moments in which we mentally beat up on ourselves about something we regret having done. We can find ourselves stuck in thoughts of embarrassment, shame, and guilt.

The Power of Gratitude

The Power of Gratitude

Since this is Thanksgiving week, you may not be surprised that I would like to share something about gratitude.  It is certainly wonderful that we have a day in the US that is set aside as a holiday specifically related to giving thanks. For many of us, this special day and even the anticipation of this day remind us to think about things and people about which we are grateful.

Positive Holiday Connections

Positive Holiday Connections

The fall and winter holidays are approaching! This year will be like no other as we try to create safe ways to celebrate and invent new ways to feel connected.

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