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Positive Intelligence Coach Neil Swanson, PCC, CACP, MDiv

A client recently wrote:

“I am experiencing real growth in areas of life that have plagued me for years. ADHD has always been my most frequent source of frustration, discouragement, sense of failure, and fatigue. These coaching sessions have made me feel seen and understood, empowered for change, and have grown my overall sense of well-being and hope.”

As an ADHD and Relationship Coach, I specialize in helping my ADHD clients transform difficult personal and professional relationships into deeply satisfying and meaningful connections.

In addition, my coaching positively impacts a broad array of ADHD-related issues, since my clients bring more than just relationship issues to coaching.



Read some testimonials from my clients here  


 Free, No Obligation Exploratory Conversation

Up To Forty-Five Minutes

Together let’s explore whether you and I might be good partners

in accelerating your growth in areas of challenge and strength.

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The Positive Intelligence perspective, tools, and app

are integrated into most of my coaching packages.

My clients have found them to be extremely powerful!


Visit my Positive Intelligence (PQ) page to learn more. 

One-Month Foundational Coaching Package

Cost – $600 

Your life can change radically if you seriously engage in the coaching process.

If you are new to my coaching, you may want to choose the Foundational Coaching Package to begin your exploration of the power of coaching. This month of concentrated coaching is intended to help you quickly establish a strong foundation for your accelerated personal growth, whether you continue with additional coaching or not.

This Foundational Coaching Package includes: 

* three 45-minute individual coaching sessions on Zoom

* two or three “check-ins” (email, text, or phone) in days after each session

* at least five “Guide Sheets” addressing common ADHD challenges

* additional “Guide Sheets,” as appropriate, addressing your specific needs

* recommendations regarding many available resources



Learn about my other coaching packages HERE. 

A Free Gift For You!

My booklet of exercises

to increase your self-awareness

and boost your personal growth. 



I am an experienced coach, credentialed by the International Coaching Federation and the Professional Association for ADHD Coaches. Since Covid, I have switched to coaching exclusively by phone and video, which have proven very effective.

I incorporate into my coaching some powerful tools from the Positive Intelligence framework. To find out more about me and to tell me about you, I invite you to schedule a FREE Exploratory Conversation. You can also read more about my personal journey on the Coach Neil page.


Neil Swanson ADHD Coach
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