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     What if you could discover your unique best way to manage time, organize your things, and relate to others?


     What if you regularly had the undivided, nonjudgmental attention of a knowledgeable professional to support and challenge you every step of the way?


     How would your life change with an experienced coach cheering you on?


     Our coaching has changed the lives of our clients.


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Are some of these ADHD challenges getting in your way?

• overwhelm?
• procrastination?
• disorganization?
• inability to get started?
• lack of focus?
• difficulty setting a goal?
• limiting beliefs?
• distractibility?
• impulsivity?
• trouble prioritizing?
• lack of social skills?
• time blindness?

These are some of many ADHD challenges

we can support you in overcoming,

freeing you to become all you can be!


We are Neil and Linda Swanson, experienced ADHD coaches, credentialed by the International Coach Federation and the Professional Association of ADHD Coaches. We are partners at Free To Be Coaching of Warrenton, Virginia. While we each work with clients in person in Warrenton, Virginia, each of us also coaches clients who live outside the United States by phone or by video. You don’t have to live in Virginia to be coached by either of us! 

We have experienced in our own lives how personal challenges can be addressed effectively through powerful coaching. Our focus now is on helping others overcome their challenges. You can read more about our personal journeys on the About Neil and About Linda pages.

If you know your life could be richer and fuller, we invite you to explore with one of us how coaching can support you in moving toward your goals. During your FREE Introductory Conversation, you will have an opportunity to share the challenges that prompt you to consider ADHD coaching and to inquire about us or about our ADHD coaching process. We’d love to arrange a time to talk!


Finding Your ADHD Coach

My husband, Neil Swanson, and I are ADHD coaches. I would like to share with you some of our thoughts about ADHD coaching. We know and trust the power of ADHD coaching, because we have seen its transformative effects in our own lives and in the lives of our clients.

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Ways to Find Prescription Assistance

The National Resource Center on ADHD (part of CHADD) has provided information on ways to find ADHD medications at lower cost if you don't have insurance or your insurance doesn't cover what your doctor prescribes. If you are in that situation or know someone who is,...

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ADHD HINT-Change, Conflict, and Curiosity

Those of us with ADHD probably have noticed that we are drawn to things, people, or experiences that are novel and "sparkly." They attract our attention like a magnet, because we will do almost anything to avoid boredom. Decades before I knew anything about ADHD, my...

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