Neil Swanson ADHD and Clergy Coach

Life, Leadership, and ADHD Coaching

with Coach Neil Swanson, PCC, MDiv, CACP

I work with bright, creative adults who have difficulty



With my support, they discover their best ways to

identify and reach their goals.


In the processs,

they replace their frustration and shame with







Your life can change radically

in just twelve weeks of coaching if you are willing to seriously invest yourself in the process.

Check out this feedback from a recent client. 

I was really surprised by the changes we were able to make after only 12 weeks of coaching. The stressors in my life haven’t changed, but my responses have. I’ve learned how to treat myself with more compassion and curiosity instead of judgment and hate. Neil, more than the many tools, I’m most thankful for the different mindset you taught me


My observations about myself:

  • More intentional
  • Less judgmental of myself
  • More observant of my results and curious about causes

My wife’s observations about me:

  • Less angry, less blaming others
  • More patience
  • Where previous stress would have resulted in” numbing” (video games, drinking, watching TV), I now reflect and think about what can be accepted and what can be done.
  • Consumption of “numb-ers” is down
  • Putting the hard work into working through the stressors to create healthier lifestyle change.
  • Fewer panic attacks, not less stress, but better reactions to stress
  • Able to appreciate my strengths
  • Able to celebrate my wins

                    DS, Michigan


To explore whether you and I might work well together,

request a Free Exploratory Conversation

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A client recently wrote:

“These coaching sessions have made me feel seen and understood, empowered for change, and have grown my overall sense of well-being and hope.”


 A few testimonial excerpts: 

(Read full testimonials here.) 


The value of the work we have done together cannot be overstated. K.D., Teacher, Virginia

I am learning to better see and celebrate the small and large victories in my life. . . M.G., College Professor, Indiana

Neil has once again helped me find some optimism and chip away at my challenges.  K.B., Attorney, New Mexico 

Neil was always able to provide me with the right “tools” to address my ADHD issues. T.K., Engineer, Virginia 

(Neil) has a way of cutting through the “stuff” I talk about to the essence of what’s important. C.F., Nurse, Pennsylvania

The impact and understanding of my life that I have gained from working with Neil has been invaluable.   D.L., Life Coach, Oregon  


Schedule a

Free Exploratory Conversation

to discuss with me how my coaching can change your life.



Are some of these challenges getting in your way?

• disorganization
• prioritizing
• getting started
• focusing
• goal setting
• distractibility
• impulsivity
• procrastinating
• time management

My coaching can free you to be

the remarkable person you are uniquely meant to be!


 I am an experienced Life, Business, and ADHD coach, with a PCC credential from the International Coaching Federation and a CACP credential from the Professional Association for ADHD Coaches. I live in Warrenton, Virginia, but I meet with all of my clients virtually, so wherever you live, I can try to find a way to work with you.    

I am grateful for the powerful coaching that played a major role in addressing my own challenges, including ADHD. My mission for the past ten years has been to offer that same quality of coaching to others who are seeking to overcome their challenges and increase their productivity. You can read more about my personal journey on the Coach Neil page.  

If you feel your life could be richer and fuller, I invite you to explore how coaching with me can support you in moving toward your goals. A FREE Exploratory Conversation will give you an opportunity to inquire about me and my coaching process and to share with me the challenges that are prompting you to consider coaching. I look forward to talking with you.

Neil Swanson ADHD Coach
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