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The Discovery and Planning Session

Coaching begins with a two-hour Discovery and Planning Session that takes place either in Warrenton, VA or by phone or video conference. The majority of this session is devoted to the student and coach privately discussing the student’s strengths, challenges, and goals. The input of a parent or guardian can also be helpful and can take up to one-third of the session.

Together the student and coach will begin to clarify the student’s goals for coaching. Time will be spent identifying the student’s strengths, values, and motivation, since they play a big role in moving the student forward. There will also be time spent examining potential obstacles to progress as well as the types of incentives or rewards that are likely to energize the student. One of the purposes of the Discovery and Planning Session is to develop a roadmap for the student’s upcoming coaching journey.

Having a Discovery and Planning Session involves no obligation for either the coach or student to continue with coaching. The session will have been successful if the student leaves with greater clarity about goals and challenges and strategies for moving forward.


The Semester Coaching Package

A week or two after the Discovery and Planning Session, the semester-long (15-session) coaching journey begins. The weekly, fifty-minute coaching sessions can take place in Warrenton, VA, or by phone or video conference. These sessions build on the planning and goal setting done in the Discovery and Planning Session. The student brings challenging issues to work on. Then, in partnership with the coach, the student will find ways to leverage strengths, talents, and passions to create new strategies, systems, and habits to address those challenges. Between the coaching sessions there can be one or two check-ins to maintain momentum in alignment with the student’s goals.

For young people who are not in school or for students whose coaching is begun after the semester’s classes have started, the Adult Coaching Plan or a slightly modified Semester Plan are options. 



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