Seeing My Time

A Course in Time Management, Organization, and So Much More!

Learn Creative and Effective Strategies for

Time Management, Organization, Planning, and Even Self-Care


Seeing My Time, also known as The Sklar Process, is a time management course created by Marydee Sklar (executive functioning expert and educator) for individuals who are challenged in the areas of time management, planning, and organization. This course is also designed for educators who work with individuals with such challenges.

If you or your student struggles with executive functioning deficits,

Seeing My Time is just what you need!

This highly interactive course is based on current knowledge of the brain and individual differences. It is designed to support individuals who learn and function differently from neurotypical folks. Some of the strategies and topics covered include the following:

  • visualizing time to support daily, weekly, and monthly planning


  • executive functions, what they are, and how they show up in you


  • organizing papers at home, school, and work


  • making sure important papers are where they should be when needed


  • planning projects so they can be accomplished with minimal stress


  • dissecting assignments to be sure all required elements are addressed


  • coordinating family activities in a central location


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“Seeing My Time” will help you – happy students jumping in the air isolated over a white background

Build the metacognition or self-reflection needed to change behavior

Increase motivation to manage time

Improve family communication


Seeing My Time is taught privately to adults and students age 12 or older. Students age 18 and younger must have a parent take the entire course with them (at no additional cost).

This twelve-hour course is taught by ADHD coach Linda Swanson in Warrenton, Virginia. The course can be taken in either twelve weekly one-hour sessions or eight weekly 90-minute sessions.

Each participant (including parent) is given a workbook and a “starter set” of supplies to use in practicing the exercises and strategies that are covered.

One parent who has completed the course with her child wrote:

This time management class provided us with practical tools that we were able to use right away! Each week we learned something new, and were excited to put our new strategies in place. Working together as a parent-child team was an added bonus! I recommend this course to all those who are time challenged as well as those who are not.
SA, Warrenton, VA

If you would like more information or would like to schedule your first session, please use the contact link below.


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