Introducing ADHD Re-group


Are you itching for a change – another reinvention of yourself to keep life spicy and interesting?

Do you want to be more thoughtful and intentional this time around?

You’ve come to the right place!

The ADHD RE-group is about to begin!


What you can expect from this group:

  • Group coaching led by a credentialed ADHD coach with a lifetime of personal experience with her own reinvention
  • Connection with up to five others who share your interest in creating mindful change in your life, at whatever stage you may be
  • An opportunity during each session to either be coached or to observe a 15-minute coaching of a group member
  • Non-judgmental support from the group as you explore your critical issues
  • Possible between-session accountability buddy, if another member of the group would like to participate with you
  • An opportunity to consider your strengths and gifts and how you want to use them to contribute to the world
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