Adults with ADHD, whether diagnosed or not, find many areas of life challenging, often without understanding why. There can be difficulties in employment, relationships, time management, organization, raising children, and almost every area of life. There is frequently a sense that “something is wrong with me.”

getty_rf_photo_of_distracted_man_at_workADHD challenges can be perplexing not only to the ADHDers themselves but also to those living and otherwise interacting with them. Negative feedback from others can add to a sense of low self worth.

We can help! Neil lived with undiagnosed ADHD for decades. Linda lived with Neil for many of those years. Together we have experienced both sides of the ADHD conundrum. We muddled through by trial and error for many years before discovering that ADHD was the issue.

In the twelve years since Neil’s diagnosis, we have learned a lot about ADHD and gained perspective on the difficulties and challenges we experienced.  Now we are enjoying using what we have learned as we coach others facing similar challenges and opportunities.

During the past several years we have taken advanced training in ADHD coaching through the ADD Coach Academy. The knowledge we have gained from our classes, the support we receive from our colleagues, and our personal experience uniquely position us to help those with ADHD challenges.

Contact us if one of us seems to provide what you are looking for. Request a free initial exploratory session with one or the other of us to explore beginning a coaching relationship.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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