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Are any of these challenges getting in your way?

• getting started
• prioritizing

• disorganization

• focusing
• goal setting
• distractibility

• impulsivity
• procrastinating
• use of time

Pastoring with any of these challenges can be quite difficult.

I know . . . because I’ve been there.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful for you and those you serve

if you were to finally get on top of these challenges?


Let’s explore this in a

Free Exploratory Conversation.


Set goals


Complete tasks

Make decisions
Value yourself
And much more


set goals
complete tasks
make decisions
value yourself
and much more

How Coaching Helps

As a trained, experienced coach, I help you gently, but quickly, gain clarity about who you are and what is possible for you. Together we create a safe partnership within which you are free to explore and design strategies to address your challenges. Supported by my nonjudgmental, open-minded, reflective inquiry, you have a unique opportunity to grow toward a new level of self-understanding, self-acceptance, and productive, harmonious functioning.

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The Power Of Confidentiality

The assured confidentiality of a judgment-free coaching partnership frees you to explore your growing edges in complete candor — resulting in renewed clarity, self-confidence, and joy-filled dedication to your highest life purpose. Your trust in this confidentiality is most easily achieved by working with a coach who is neither part of your local congregation nor of your denominational leadership.

Broader Benefits of Coaching

A well-coached pastor is able to develop a healthier more balanced relationship with his or her congregation, colleagues, and family. Expectations and responsibilities become clearer and more reasonable. After receiving coaching, a pastor is generally much happier and more productive.  These and other benefits can be realized whether or not the pastor reveals that he or she is receiving coaching.

One of the advantages of a pastor’s sharing with the congregation his or her personal embracing of coaching is that this can be a powerful modeling of accepting one’s personal challenges, seeking assistance, and demonstrating improvement. The humility, transparency, and vulnerability of revealing this information can add to the congregation’s experience of the pastor as authentic and open and add to the pastor’s sense of integrity. ( In some situations, however, this sort of sharing is not appropriate until after the pastor has received some coaching and the pastor feels that he or she and the congregation are ready.)

When a pastor receives coaching, congregations and denominations benefit, so they sometimes assist with coaching fees.

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