For the past eight years Neil and I have thoroughly enjoyed supporting others as each of us provided individual coaching in our shared coaching practice, FREE TO BE COACHING. We are now experimenting with tweaking this partnership in a way that serves just as many clients while allowing each of us to utilize our unique individual areas of greatest strength and enjoyment. One of Neil’s primary strengths is his individual coaching while one of my primary strengths is organization and administration.

So, as we move toward 2021, I will be phasing out my coaching and concentrating on fulfilling nearly 100% of the administrative requirements of our coaching practice. This will free up Neil to offer his powerful coaching to at least twice as many clients as he previously could. This arrangement will also provide clients with more supportive resources, frequent communications, and ease of scheduling.

I will also be providing some administrative services to a couple of other coaches who have asked me do this for them. My intimate experience with coaching combined with my organizing skills have positioned me well to effectively and enjoyably engage in this work.

If you use the contact forms on our website or email us, these communications will initially come through me and I will do my best to meet your needs.

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