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“ADHD Hints” – the YouTube channel

Tune in or subscribe to our “ADHD Hints” YouTube Channel where you will find a series of very short videos (usually five minutes or less) with important information about living fully with ADHD!

Below are links to the individual videos (in reverse chronological order) as well as links to some resources on which each video is based.

ADHD Hint – Guided Meditation – Guided meditation can be a good way for folks with ADHD to do something they think they can’t possibly do — meditate. Neil discusses how it differs from other forms of meditation, and the YouTube site has some information about sources of guided meditation.

ADHD Hint – Stress – Linda talks about what is going on in your brain when you are stressed and describes some techniques that can bring more calm to your life.

ADHD Hint – Coming Out as ADHD  – Neil shares his thoughts about the wisdom of telling friend and co-workers about your ADHD.

ADHD Hint – Music and ADHD – There’s a lot of information online about the benefits of music for folks with ADHD. Linda shares some of that information, most of it anecdotal, but research is ongoing. Here are a few links:

The Gamelan Project

Music: Sound Medicine for ADHD

Power of Art: Can Music Help Treat Children with Attention Disorders?

Music is Like Medication for Some Kids with ADHD

Music Can Improve Concentration in Some Children with ADHD

Musical Training for ADHD? New Study Says Yes

ADHD Hint – Boredom and ADHD –  Linda suggests a way to add the essential element of interest to something boring that nevertheless needs to be done!

ADHD Hint – Self-Acceptance – Linda talks about the power of self-acceptance, beginning with a quote from American psychologist Carl Rogers.

ADHD Hint – Memory Aid: Externalize – Linda discusses the meaning of the advice commonly given to ADHDers to “Externalize!”

ADHD Hint – Youth Mental Health First Aid – Learn about a terrific course much like CPR/First Aid but for mental health issues and

ADHD Hint – Living in the Gray – Linda reflects on ways she and Neil are opposites but how their lives are richer as a result of moving into the gray area between them as they have learned from each other’s preferences.

ADHD Hint – Brain Balancing – Neil shares how his own distractibility proved to be an asset in an earlier profession.

ADHD Hint – ADHD and Criminal Justice – Linda discusses the large proportion of individuals involved in the criminal justice system who have ADHD and the fact that most of those individuals and most of the people who work with them are not aware of that fact.
A book referred to in the video is ADHD and the Criminal Justice System by Patrick Hurley and Dr. Robert Eme.

ADHD Hint – StrengthsIn this brief video Linda speaks about the importance of discovering your strengths and focusing on using and strengthening them. These are a few places you might look:
VIA Character Strengths Survey:
StrengthsFinder2.0 –
The Negativity Bias:

ADHD Hint – ADHD and Creativity – Linda discusses some new research from Northwestern University about the way “leaky attention” (a lesser ability to focus thoughts) promotes creativity. These sites are mentioned in this ADHD Hint:
Article from The Washington Post, “Can’t Focus? Maybe You’re A Creative Genius” –
Article about research at Northwestern:
Two books by Dr. Ned Hallowell: Driven to Distraction ( and Delivered From Distraction (

ADHD Hint – Dealing With Distraction – Neil Swanson, ADHD Coach with Free To Be Coaching ( discusses the unique nature of distractibility in folks with ADHD and shares one strategy that has been very helpful to him.

ADHD Hint – Help Reduce the Stigma – In this Hint, we suggest that everyone, but especially those with ADHD or with a connection to someone with ADHD, has an opportunity to learn about ADHD and to educate others. There is a lot of myth and misunderstanding around ADHD. Let’s learn as much as we can and educate others in whatever ways are open to us to reduce the stigma. Everyone will benefit!

ADHD Hint – ADHD Coaching-Part 2 – In this Hint, Linda describes some elements of a typical coaching session, including checking in and setting the agenda, as well as noticing any shifts or learning that has taken place.

ADHD Hint – ADHD Coaching-Part 1 – This Hint introduces ADHD coaching, what it is and what it is not. Another Hint or two will follow up with more information about ADHD Coaching. There are several places to find coaches who have been specifically trained in ADHD, and these are a few of them:
ADHD Coaches’ Organization –
ADD Coach Academy –
Children and Adults with AD/HD ( CHADD) –
ADDitude Magazine –

ADHD Hint – Loving-Kindness Meditation – This Hint introduces a special type of meditation — loving-kindness meditation, drawing on some of Dr. Barbara Fredrickson’s research that has shown the benefits of this practice not only for our happiness and positivity but also for our physical health. Some reference links include Barbara Fredrickson’s book Love 2.0 on Amazon; a page from Barbara Fredrickson’s “Positivity Resonance” website where she offers several audio guided loving-kindness meditations; another guided loving-kindness meditation that includes self-compassion from Kristin Neff’s website.

ADHD Hint – Meditation – This Hint is a brief introduction to the concept of meditation as beneficial for folks with ADHD. It refers to an 2014 article by Daniel Goleman in the NY Times and links to a couple of other websites that refer to the every growing body of research on the ADHD/meditation connction. Those links are here and here.

ADHD Hint – Self-Compassion  – This Hint refers to Kristin Neff’s book Self-Compassion and Kristen Neff’s six-hour audio workshop Self-Compassion Step-by-Step. The audio workshop, Self-compassion Step by Step is often  $30 or $40, but if purchased through Audible, it could be as little as $15 or whatever you are paying to Audible for one book credit each month. If you’re not an Audible subscriber, search for Audible offers of a 30-day free trial membership or plans that can be canceled at any time.

ADHD Hint – Get Off Your But – Neil explains how to improve your sense of self worth through focusing on your successes. He suggests a different interpretation of the phrase, “Get off your butt.”

ADHD Hint – The Power of Questions – Dr. Robert Maurer and his book One Small Step Can Change Your Life inspired this ADHD Hint.

ADHD Hint – Have You Tried Listening? – This Hint is based on a true story told by Thom Hartmann in his 1995 book ADD Success Stories.

ADHD Hint – Play!  – An interview between Dr. Kirsten Milliken and Eric Tivers formed the basis of this Hint. That interview can be found here, and Dr. Milliken’s PlayDHD site is here.  The productivity study was written up several places, and here’s one of them.

ADHD Hint – Exercise Is Also Important! – The article “Exercise is ADHD Medication” from The Atlantic magazine is referred to in this video. WebMD has a helpful article on “Adult ADHD and Exercise,” and another on “Exercise for Children with ADHD.”

ADHD Hint – Sleep Is Important! – There is a lot written about the importance of sleep for folks with ADHD. Here are some places to get started if you want to pursue this topic:  National Sleep FoundationADDitude Magazine, and CHADD’s National Resource Center on ADHD.

ADHD Hint – Small Steps Can Lead to Big Changes –  This video is based on a book by Dr. Robert Maurer which you can find here on Amazon. We highly recommend it!

ADHD Hint – Resources Abound – Some of the sources of information mentioned in this video are the Resource Page on our website, CHADD (Children and Adults with ADHD) and their Resource Directory, and as a place to find support groups.

ADHD Hint – Launch – This video announces the launch of “ADHD Hints” and describes the purpose of this video channel.


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