I have come to see that my ADHD clients are so much more than their ADHD. They often initially reach out because they are having trouble at work, at home, or in other areas of their lives, and they think “their” ADHD is the problem. People with whom they work or live may have urged them to “get help” in order to save their jobs or their relationships. Each client is unique, but the general sense is, “I’m broken. Please fix me!”

I have ADHD challenges myself, so I have firsthand experience with time blindness, poor short- and long-term memory, disorganization, and many more ADHD-related traits. But I have also learned that neither I nor my clients are defined by those traits.

Those of us with ADHD need to become aware of our essential wholeness and how to use that wholeness in dealing with our ADHD challenges. I see my mission as helping myself and others grow into fuller awareness of our deep wholeness and goodness. As we grow, we find ourselves functioning more smoothly in our work, and relationships.

Each of us has access to a deep well of inner resources if we only know how to tap into it. I am finding that a combination of four elements often opens the door to those resources. The four elements are

  • Client Energy and Commitment

    – A high level of client energy and commitment is perhaps the most essential ingredient for client transformation. This critical element is usually present when the client is suffering enough to be motivated to find a new way forward.

  • ADHD Coaching

    – ADHD coaching is a specialized area of life coaching which is best when built on advanced training from an accredited coaching school. After basic coach training from Leadership that Works and advanced ADHD coach training from the ADD Coach Academy, I earned the PCC credential from the International Coaching Federation and the CACP credential from the Professional Association of ADHD Coaches. A decade of coaching individuals with ADHD has reinforced my ability to not judge myself or my clients but rather to see us all as creative, resourceful, and whole, seeking to find the best ways to live in a world set up for people with brain wiring that is different from ours.

  • Positive Intelligence (PQ)

    –The PQ paradigm offers tools with which to identify the many assumptions and beliefs that are holding us back. The PQ operating system helps us to expose trouble-causing beliefs and replace them with wisdom available from deep within each of us. I have been using Positive Intelligence myself for nearly two years and have, over the past year, introduced it to my clients who have found it transformational.

  • Spiritual Awareness

    – I am a lifelong seeker of wisdom and truth. My journey has taken many paths so far, and I am grateful for what each one has taught me. To me, the word “spiritual” points to our being, our deep essence – a part of us that is more than our busy minds and bodies. Becoming quiet and present in the moment is a pathway to the deep wisdom of the Universe that is available to each of us. A powerful goal is to bring more awareness of our deeper identity into our doing, in other words being present and aware in each moment while, at the same time, doing the things that need to be done in our lives. With this awareness we discover productivity combined with peace.

ADHD Coaching, combined with PQ and Spiritual Awareness, does not necessarily result in a quick fix (though occasionally that happens). Usually it initiates a journey toward wholeness or is a step along a journey on which one has already embarked. It is my privilege to be a traveling companion and guide to each of my clients as we navigate the ups and downs of the journey.

Our weekly sessions (plus between-session check-ins) offer my clients support and inspiration in a non-judgmental atmosphere in which, together, we explore and discover new ways for them to relate to themselves and to the world around them.

If you would like to talk with me in a free, no-obligation, 45-minute Exploratory Conversation to see if we might work well together, please click here and schedule an appointment. I am looking forward to meeting you and hearing about your journey.

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