Why are some (maybe even all) relationships so challenging? Sure, some are more challenging than others, but it’s certain that they are all challenging, at least at times.

Relationships are the context within which we have the opportunity to do our most important growing!

I saw a quote recently from Byron Katie. She wrote: “My job is unconditional love. Everyone else’s job is to push my buttons.”

It does often feel as if others are out to push our buttons, but do we really believe that our job is unconditional love? And yet, what else are we here for?

If my job is unconditional love and your job is to push my buttons, then perhaps I need to see you as my trainer, my teacher. You are providing the context within which I get to practice unconditional love. I may fall short most of the time, but at least I know what I’m here for. What a difference it can make if I remember to see your button pushing as actually a gift!

Of course, the situation is also reversed. Your main job is unconditional love and I provide you with practice by unintentionally pushing your buttons.

Wow! What an interesting perspective! Let’s all try that on and see how it works for us.

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