It’s a good thing, even essential, to have systems and habits that work for us almost automatically. But at times it is important to be awake and aware in the present moment.

Many of us go through our days responding to situations and individuals without pausing to consciously consider whether our responses are in alignment with our highest values — our best selves. We could be said to be operating on “autopilot” — reacting to life in ways we have unconsciously adopted and become attached to. We often fail to notice that some of these habitual actions are fear-based, defensive reactions which are not actually serving us well.

The secret to engaging our higher selves to influence our responses seems to lie in pausing and taking a mental step back to be aware of the present moment. This brief shift out of autopilot creates a spaciousness in which we can make more conscious choices.

Learning to pause and shift usually takes practice. One very effective tool I have found for making this shift is “Positive Intelligence.” That’s why I now include the Positive Intelligence program as a core piece of my individual coaching program.

If living a more conscious, aware life in line with your values sounds good to you, let’s talk about how my coaching could support you. We can schedule afree, 45-minute Exploratory Conversation and get to know each other!


Wishing you all the best!
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