I hope you are doing well and enjoying the beautiful first days of June!

In my last email, I announced that my coaching will now include, in addition to the weekly coaching sessions, participation in a six-week program called “Positive Intelligence” or “PQ.”

Among the tools that have been developed by the Positive Intelligence team is a “PQ Assessment” – a short series of questions that help you assess your present level of “positivity” or “mental fitness.”  Mental fitness is a measure of the degree to which one’s positive mental “muscles” are stronger than one’s negative mental “muscles.”

The assessment is free on the Positive Intelligence website. I invite you to click on this link to take the assessment. Once you have identified your present level of mental fitness you can decide whether you would like to work at raising your level.

In my next newsletter, I’ll share some information about what might be getting in the way of one’s higher positive mental muscle score and how PQ training helps improve mental fitness. (If you are curious and can’t wait, you can jump ahead by clicking here .)

Meanwhile, I wish you a happy last two weeks of spring!


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