As an introvert, I am inclined to define “group” differently from how an extravert might define a group.

For me, a wonderful group size is two, including me and one other person. At times, I can find a group of three or four people enjoyable, but if I am in a group much larger than that, I am likely to go off and create my own small subgroup in a corner somewhere – or find a way to interact with a child. If I can’t find a way to do something to escape the large group, I will most likely need the next day to recharge my battery. That’s the nature of introverts.

But, no matter what size group meets each of our needs, it seems that contact with others, even for introverts, is essential to our wellbeing. We have a need to belong, to establish at least a small number of meaningful personal relationships, to feel connected.

No matter what our circumstances are, if we want to meet our need to be part of a group, we can find a way. The principle of giving to others whatever you need yourself can be very effective!

If you are lonely, make the life of another person less lonely and you’ll begin to solve your loneliness problem.

If you long to be part of a group (musical, political, educational, whatever), form the group you want to be part of.

Instead of sitting back wondering why a neighbor or colleague hasn’t been friendlier to you, take the initiative and be friendlier to them.

We can never know what challenges might be holding another person back, but it’s safe to say that most of us need to feel part of a group, large or small. If you can’t join one, form one, and benefit your community at the same time!

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