Do you feel a little low in energy? Maybe a little down? Would you enjoy having more sparkle in your life? I think that describes a lot of us right now!

Perhaps it’s time to create your own fun. If that sounds self-indulgent and even wrong, you might be interested in a few of the facts about fun and laughter in this article which cites lots of supporting references. Here are a few of the facts listed in the article:

  1. Having fun can ward off the flu and boost your immune system
  2. Goofing around can result in better social skills
  3. Adults who play are less likely to burn out at work
  4. Play can boost innovation
  5. Having fun makes people more creative
  6. Having fun enhances productivity

What is fun for you? If you have trouble coming up with anything, think back to your childhood for types of play you enjoyed then. Or maybe you can remember ways you had fun with your children or, as in my case, with your grandchildren. It’s often easier to be silly with kids, but fun and silliness are also possible with other adults or even when you are alone.

There are some great ideas for silliness and fun on a page at the Laughter Online University website (yes, that’s a real website) here  Laughter yoga is also worth exploring.

Whatever you do, have fun!

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