If someone asked you to name your top strengths, would you have a ready answer? Lots of people were raised to believe that having a ready answer to that question would be bragging. Imagine that!

You have unique combinations of strengths. Everyone does. Knowing what your unique strengths are (being able to name them) can make them more readily available when you need to use them. If you don’t know what your strengths are, it’s like having a well-equipped toolkit but not knowing the names or purposes of the tools in the kit. When you are able to name your strengths, you can make a conscious choice to use the appropriate ones when a need arises.

The VIA Character Strengths survey is one way to discover your strengths. You can take the survey at no cost. Your free results will be a list of the 24 VIA Character Strengths listed in the order in which they appear in you – strongest to weakest. All 24 strengths are available to you, but you are regularly using some more than others, thus making those strengths stronger. Even knowing which strengths you use less frequently is helpful, because you can decide to work on strengthening your lesser strengths!

Visit viacharacter.org to take the survey and you’ll never again draw a blank when someone asks you about your strengths!


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