Ready for life to get a little easier? The last couple of years have been a rollercoaster, for sure. This summer, the ADHD Parents’ Palooza is guaranteed to give you exactly the information, education and rejuvenation you need most — July 26-28, 2021.

Hosted by our colleagues, Linda Roggli and Elaine Taylor-Klaus, the ADHD Parents’ Palooza will absolutely improve the way you parent kids with ADHD!

It’s all online and FREE — and it’s available on demand, too. You can watch when your schedule allows, and this year, it’s more efficient than ever! You’ll hear 15+ conversations with 30+ leading world experts including:

  • Introduction to ADHD Treatment and its barriers with Linda Roggli & Elaine Taylor-Klaus
  • Innovations in Psychiatry and ADHD with Ned Hallowell and Sarah Vinson
  • Treatment Decisions for Children and Teens with ADHD with Sarah Cheyette and Carolyn Parcells
  • Barriers to Getting and Using Support for ADHD with Evelyn Polk-Green and Jessica McCabe
  • Neuroscience, Racial Bias and ADHD with Hayden Lee and Loucresie Rupert
  • Young Adults: Risky Behaviors, Failing to Launch and Beyond with Roberto Olivardia and Dulce Torres
  • Introduction to Improving Communication & Support for Kids with Linda Roggli & Elaine Taylor-Klaus
  • Improving Communication in Families with Dr. Laura Markham and Dr. Mark Bertin
  • Talking with Kids about Tech & Other Social Stuff with Dr. Elizabeth Milovidov and Caroline Maguire
  • Relationships in the World of ADHD with Dr. Taniesha Burke and Laurie Dupar
  • Supporting Parents of 2e Kids in School with Debbie Reber and Debbie Steinberg-Kuntz
  • Executive Function & Student Support for ADHD with Gretchen Wegner and Seth Perler 
  • Introduction to Navigating ADHD and Co-existing Conditions with Linda Roggli and Elaine Taylor-Klaus
  • Anxiety and ADHD with Russell Barkley and Jerome Schultz
  • ADHD and Autism with Temple Grandin and Diane Dempster
  • ADHD Differences Between Boys and Girls with Mary Ann Richey and Sharon Saline
  • Self-Care for Adults with Anxiety & ADHD with Elizabeth Brink and Penny Williams
  • What to Look for in an ADHD Expert with Jeff Copper and Nikki Kinzer

It is an extraordinary week of insight and guidance exclusively for parents, with 30+ legends and luminaries. Previous ADHD Paloozas — for women and for parents — have been smashing successes with more than 12,000 registered.

Join this summer’s Parents Palooza– it’s all about supporting parents who need it most! Find out how your life can improve when you understand the nuances of parenting ADHD.

Move forward with hope, confidence and inspiration, guided by the top experts in the world.

Register by clicking HERE.

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