The beginning of a new calendar year is a time when people often make New Year’s resolutions.

Most often our resolutions involve something we’d like to be doing differently. We may resolve to eat better, exercise more, or do more volunteer work.  Any such actions can have a significant positive impact on our lives, if we can stick with them long enough.

In addition to making resolutions to do things differently, we can also take this occasion to step back and consider how we might want to be different in the coming year. An example might be a resolution to express more love, kindness, compassion, appreciation, or gratitude.

Measuring and tracking “being” type resolutions can be a challenge, however. Tracking them requires more reflection and mindful presence, but in my opinion these resolutions are even more valuable and transformative than “doing” resolutions. When our “being” is aligned with our values and purpose, we feel more inspired and empowered to follow through with our doing.

An inspiring NPR interview program related to issues of being is called “On Being.” In my area it is broadcast at 7 AM on Sunday mornings on a local public radio station. These interviews with a variety of inspiring thought leaders are available online at

Last Sunday I heard an episode that was especially inspiring. The guest was a remarkable young singer/songwriter, Gaelynn Lea, who has found a way to thrive despite having been born with what anyone would consider enormous physical challenges.

I think you might get your year off to a wonderful start listening this episode of “On Being.” It could inspire you to make a New Year’s resolution regarding your 2021 way of being.

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