We made it through the U.S, election — well, sort of.  We are now into a time of transition – and that transition may be a little rough.

But isn’t that the nature of transitions? Transitions mean change, and we know that change doesn’t happen in the comfort zone. Whether the change is external (government, job, home, relationships) or internal (perspectives, values, beliefs), it almost always comes with some sense of disruption, and that can be painful.

I’m reminded of a yoga instructor who referred to the “good ache” of stretching muscles that have been too long idle. I could feel that good ache in that moment!

Usually the ache that comes as we are moving toward positive change becomes more tolerable once we can see our objective clearly!

It helps to recognize that some of our resistance to change may be less resistance to the change itself, and more to the anticipated pain of the transition process.

But the ache of transition is by definition temporary. Nevertheless we may often let anticipation and avoidance of that discomfort keep from us the rewards available on the other side of that transition.

Until we clearly see the benefits that await us on the other end of the transition process, inertia is likely to keep us firmly fixed in our old, familiar comfort zone!

One way to overcome this challenge is to focus more on our destination (our goal) and less on the journey (the anticipated pain of getting there). As the civil rights song from the 1960s reminds us, “Keep your eyes on the prize!” Doing so, we can often discover that the disciplined practice, which seemed like it would be hard and unpleasant, can even become enjoyable and rewarding.

I’m wishing you all the best during both the transition in our national leadership and also during your personal transitions to new levels of perspective and functioning.

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