None of us can help being acutely aware of the very intense US national and local election process. Most of us, of whatever political persuasion, are convinced that the results of the 2020 election are likely to significantly impact our future.

There is also another very impactful election which we often forget —  one we are participating in every day. This is the daily “election” in which we choose which part of us we will be in charge of governing our thought and behavior for the day, or even the hour.

We can each identify a number of familiar “candidates” within ourselves. These “candidates” have frequently demonstrated to us their governing styles and the consequences that their approaches bring into our lives and the lives of those around us.

We can vote to allow negative “candidates” such as fear, doubt, pessimism, defensiveness, and selfishness to govern our thought and behavior. Or we can vote for our day to be governed by positive “candidates” such as love, joy, optimism, generosity, peace, etc.

It is good to remind ourselves that we have a right to vote in this daily “election” and that our vote makes a lot of difference in our life experience!

So let’s each identify and vote for our best self and then consciously support that self to maximize the positive impact, as that powerful part of us governs our thoughts and behavior. In this election you are invited to “vote early and vote often” —  even several times a day!

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