Consciously mourning the loss of the “old normal” can at least bring us a gift of increased awareness of what we value and long for. Many of us are discovering that close connection with friends and family is a quality we are eager to keep in our lives.

As we find that, at least temporarily, getting close to and hugging beloved friends and family are not as available to us as we would like, we look for creative new ways to experience close connection. Restricted to use of telephonic and video contact, some of us have found ourselves actually having more frequent and more regular interactions with loved ones.

I think there may even be a silver lining to the cloud of social distancing. In the past many of us have not had to dig deep and find meaningful heartfelt words to express our feelings toward loved ones. The unavailability of easy hugs has encouraged us to find those loving words which often end up being, for those receiving them, even more cherished and enduring than a hug.

Of course, we all look forward to getting back to freely giving real physical hugs as well!

Watch for my next blog post, take care, and stay safe.

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