Coping with Covid has been difficult for all of us over the past eight months. For many of us it may now become even more challenging as we approach the fall and winter holidays of Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Year’s, and more.

These occasions have usually included a treasured (though sometimes challenging) tradition of getting together with loved ones and friends.

Figuring out how we can safely enjoy that cherished time of connection this year has become very complicated. We find ourselves faced with tough choices as we each try to find our individual and family balance points between the risks of connection and the safety of distancing.

Even if we have not personally experienced the recent loss of a loved one, we have all experienced a disturbing loss —the loss our “old normal.” For most of us this loss is experienced in multiple areas of our lives. Acknowledging and actually “mourning” this loss can serve an important purpose for us.

Consciously mourning a loss helps us more clearly identify and emotionally connect with what it is we value and long for. Identifying those values or needs that are most “alive” for us in the present circumstances can be critical to discovering our best strategies for meeting those needs.

More about discovering our best strategies in my next post coming soon.

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