All previous posts on the FREE TO BE Coaching Blog have been from my wife and coaching partner, Linda Swanson. Starting today, most posts will be from me. Here’s why:

Linda and I are redesigning our coaching partnership. Linda is grateful for the eight years she has spent working with many wonderful coaching clients, but she has decided to make a shift. She also excels at and thoroughly enjoys organizing and administration, so she will be moving from coaching into full-time administrative work for FREE TO BE Coaching. I, on the other hand, am extremely effective at and love one-to-one coaching, but I am limited in my organizing and administrative abilities. We think our new arrangement will better support each other and help us serve you better. As we like to describe our work, we are “partnering with you on your journey toward freedom to become your best self!”

We are excited and energized by this new arrangement. With Linda’s support, I will be able to serve more of those looking for my help. We experience this change as consistent with what we support our clients in doing — finding the best alignment of their work with their strengths and passions.

I coach exclusively adults (including some college students) — supporting them in finding their unique best ways to advance towards their goals and dreams. If that sounds like support you would appreciate, I would be delighted to hear from you. We can schedule a free 30-minute introductory conversation to see if you and I might like to create a positive coach-client partnership. At the top of every page on is a link to schedule an Introductory Conversation. Just click there, fill in a short form, and send it off to us. We’ll schedule an appointment with you at our earliest convenience!

Also at you’ll see an opportunity to receive at no cost my new tool – my “Time and Focus Workbook.” If either time or focus is a challenge for you, this tool could really help. If you use it, I’d love your feedback.

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