Breathing. It is always with us. As long as we are alive, we are breathing. No equipment is required for most of us to steadily, dependably breathe. We don’t even think about taking the next essential breath. Our bodies just breathe.

A couple of thoughts about breathing:

Gratitude. How amazing is it that our bodies breathe! We require oxygen to live, and our bodies generously provide it for us by expanding and contracting our lungs regularly many thousands of times each day.

Awareness. When we become aware of our breath, we are aware of ourselves in the present moment. It is a tool that never leaves us.

We can use breathing to bring us into awareness of the present moment. We don’t need fancy electrical gadgets on our wrists or reminders going off or equipment that must be carried. At any given moment, we can choose to notice our breathing and immediately our consciousness will be aware of the present moment.

Why is that important? Because those of us with ADHD (and others as well) tend to be lost in thought much of the time. It is as if we were sitting in a movie theater completely engrossed in the story being told on the screen and conscious of nothing else.

Our story is being told in our thinking brains, often running for long periods of time. During those times we don’t notice where we are or how we are feeling. It is as if we followed rabbits down a hole and are going wherever they take us.

When we pause and notice our breathing, we come into the present moment. We have the opportunity to become aware of our bodies, of the place in which we find ourselves, of the temperature of the air, of what people are nearby, of our emotions in the moment. It’s almost like waking up from a dream!

In that moment of awareness, we have a super power – the power to choose our next action based on the information we are taking in from the present moment. Do we want to go back down the rabbit hole? Maybe we do because we are working on a long-term project. But maybe the rabbit hole took us far afield and we use the awareness to choose a different direction going forward.

How many times a day would you benefit from a moment of awareness that begins with noticing your breath?

How many times a day would you like to pause, become aware, and reset your intentions?

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