Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in the United States! You may have noticed, as I have, that Thanksgiving is very early this year. Has it snuck up on you, as it has on me?

I notice that the sense of urgency and the need to “get things done” that come along with holidays are starting to affect me. Isn’t it interesting that a holiday that is intended as a PAUSE from our regular routine for the purpose of expressing gratitude has for many of us become just one more obligation?

There is an opportunity available to us in this moment. We can add meaning to the Thanksgiving holiday and at the same strengthen a “muscle” that will help us with ADHD challenges time by practicing pausing!

Many of us are taking a day or two off work to try to pause and consider the many things for which we can be grateful. But traditions of the season seem to pull us into the flurry of meal preparation, entertaining family members, and even shopping! It can feel like swimming against the tide to pause, but it can be done!

It can be similarly challenging to pause our usually busy ADHD brains long enough to notice the present moment. This is a practice that has benefits every day of the year, several times a day! So much goes on in our heads, that even remembering that we need to pause is a challenge. But this also can be done!

It takes practice to become present in the moment, but that is the real power in pausing. Usually our heads are busy and our bodies are busy, sometimes even when we’re sleeping! Because we have lived like that for so long, it feels normal. But does it always serve us well to be human doings when we are really human beings?

It’s in the pause that we make wise choices. We step back from our busy minds and bodies and gain some perspective on our options by becoming become aware of the present moment, using our heads and our bodies to notice where we are in time and space.

In the pause, gratitude can be experienced, because we open a space to acknowledge all that we have to be grateful for. In the pause, joy is felt when we let go of the “shoulds” and experience the richness of the moment. In the pause, even peace can be felt as we notice our breath slowing and calm coming over us. The pause itself something to be grateful for!

I wish you a joyous and meaningful Thanksgiving Pause.

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