This is the thirtieth in a series of brief posts during October — global ADHD Awareness Month. Each features a quote that relates to ADHD and neurodiversity. ​​​​​​​

We are down to the last two HINTS in this series of thirty-one HINTS for ADHD Awareness Month. It’s time to have a little fun.

Today I’m sharing the text and images from a two-page spread from the book all dogs have ADHD by Kathy Hoopmann.

When opportunity presents itself, he goes for it, and may dive straight into a situation without thinking of the consequences. 

    – all dogs have ADHD, Kathy Hoopman

I know at least one ADHD professional who thinks this little book of pictures and a few words contains the best description of ADHD she’s seen.

Of course, all dogs have ADHD is meant to be fun, but it also contains some seriously useful descriptions of behaviors that are often seen in folks with ADHD. They are conveyed in a lighthearted way that may make them more easily understood and accepted.

Especially if you love dogs, but even if you don’t, this book would be a delightful one to have on your ADHD bookshelf! Enjoy!

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