This is the fifth in a series of brief, daily posts during October — global ADHD Awareness Month. Each features a quote that relates to ADHD and neurodiversity.

Keep your sense of humor. Stay in touch with others who can help you. And remember that underneath the shell of ADHD there beats a heart and mind full of warmth, creativity, playfulness, and unpredictability. There’s enough good, almost always, to outweigh the bad.

 –  Edward Hallowell, It Takes Two to Do the ADHD Tango (from ADDitude magazine)

Dr. Edward (Ned) Hallowell has written prolifically on ADHD, among other topics. He co-authored one book with his wife, Sue Hallowell, and ADHD relationship expert Melissa Orlov:  Married to Distraction: How to Restore Intimacy and Strengthen Your Partnership In an Age of Interruption

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