We are encouraged to make resolutions on January 1. We are invited to set goals for ourselves at this time of perceived new beginnings, even though we might not have the tools or motivation to achieve those goals.

Then if we fail, as we so often do, we fall even lower in our own self-esteem. I have clients who have given up on resolutions because they see them as guarantees of disappointment. Sometimes it seems they have also given up on committing to taking steps forward toward their dreams.

This morning I posted a quotation on my Face Book page. I found it in a book I was reading, and it seemed an appropriate post for the first day of a new year.

The quote is a definition of success from a book called The Art of Deliberate Success by David Keane. I find it works better for me than resolutions on this New Year’s Day.

Kean defines real success as: “Being on the pathway to the achievement of worthwhile dreams – whatever those dreams may be.”

Pausing to remind myself of the dreams I am on the way to achieving seems as good a way as any to mark the start of a new year – or even a new month, a new week, or a new day.

There is nothing magical about January 1. We give it power, but we can give that same importance to the start of a new hour or minute! At any moment we can pause, notice where we are, remind ourselves of the pathway we are on, and make any necessary adjustments in the directions of our dreams. That seems like a good way to proceed – from any starting point.

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