The coaching profession has established for itself credentialing organizations that set standards and requirements for attaining professionally recognized status. For life coaches the professional credentialing organization is the International Coach Federation (ICF). A sister organization to the ICF is the Professional Association of ADHD Coaches (PAAC) that sets the standards of education, practice, and performance for ADHD coaches. PAAC-credentialed coaches are first credentialed by the ICF.

Since the coaching profession is not regulated, it is possible for anyone to call him/herself a “coach” or even an “ADHD coach.” This can make it difficult for people seeking coaching support to know how to differentiate among all of the coaches presenting themselves to the public.

The ADD Coach Academy has done a great service in posting several articles on this subject to help people searching for ADHD coaches make educated decisions. Here are links to four brief but extremely helpful articles:

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Accreditation Matters: How Are Certification, Credentialing, & Accreditation Different?


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