The May 2017 editions of two local magazines, “Broad Run Lifestyles” and “Warrenton Lifestyles,” ran an article about ADHD and us by a wonderful local writer named Katie Fuster. We’d like to share that article with you here:

Are you considering ADHD coaching?

The “gold standard” treatment for ADHD is multi-modal — medication plus therapy (especially cognitive behavior therapy – CBT) and/or coaching. Remember that “Pills don’t teach skills.” We are ready to work with you as your ADHD coach as part of your treatment plan.

When you look for an ADHD coach, be sure to search for someone who has been trained specifically in ADHD coaching! Many coaches call themselves ADHD coaches but do not have specialized training. The highest standard is a credential from the Professional Association of ADHD coaches (PAAC) in addition to the more general coaching credential from the International Coach Federation (ICF).

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