Waking up in the morning can be a major challenge. Even an extra loud alarm will, sometimes, not be enough to get us up and moving. Strategic use of an alarm’s “snooze” feature or the setting of multiple alarms will work for some, but for others these approaches will not reliably do the trick.

Simply resigning ourselves to occasional (or frequent) oversleeping is not a good option since this can often lead to serious problems with work, school and relationships. Dependence on others to wake us through shouting or shaking is also not a good solution and is certainly not a viable long-term fix. We need to find ways to independently get ourselves up on time no matter how strong the urge to roll over and go back to sleep.

For some of us the answer may lie in some of the nontraditional alarm clocks that are now available. For those who hear the alarm but shut it off or hit snooze without really waking up, there is a phone app called, “Spin Me Alarm”. This alarm will not shut off until you get out of bed and spin around twice holding your phone. Check it out here.

Several other promising alarms are described briefly in an article titled, “11 Alarm Clocks for Heavy Sleepers.” One of these alarms jumps off your nightstand and rolls around the floor, requiring you to get up and track it down before you can silence it. Some other alarms include a component that tucks under your mattress or pillow and shakes you awake with your own personal earthquake. Other alarm options can be found by Internet searches seeking such as, “alarm clocks for heavy sleepers” or “alarm clocks for the deaf,” etc.

Foundational Game Changers

Few things if any are likely to help more with getting up in the morning then going to sleep earlier and sleeping soundly enough to wake up well rested. (The importance of sleep and how to get more of it will be addressed in a separate article.)

Waking up at an appropriate point in one’s sleep cycle can also make a world of difference in how easily one gets up in the morning and how one feels for much of the rest of the day. It’s actually possible to feel more rested by getting a little less sleep if one can avoid struggling to drag oneself out of a heavy, deep portion of the sleep cycle. An interesting app designed to help make your phone alarm responsive to your sleep cycle is here.


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