Although it is only the second half of July, before we know it school will start and then can fall be far behind?

Every fall we have an special opportunity to share the facts about ADHD because October is ADHD Awareness Month! It’s not too early to start thinking of ways we can educate people about ADHD and reduce the stigma. In fact, I learned today that it is already too late to get an October event into the promotional materials of one local county library system, because their fall schedule has already been finalized. Since any time is a good time to share the facts about ADHD, we may schedule our event for January in that county.

If we are tempted to think that everyone surely must know the facts about ADHD by now, there is abundant evidence that that is not the case! Just last week I spoke with a man whose doctor told him definitively that ADHD was not real. Although the doctor was willing to give the man ADHD medication, he did so while simultaneously accusing the man of making up his diagnosis to get drugs!

We have found that one excellent way to present the truth about ADHD is to show Rick Green and TotallyADD’s excellent movie “ADD and Loving It ?!” This movie is 57 minutes of information entertainingly presented for adults who want to learn more about ADHD. I actually think older teens might also get a lot from watching it, too. The movie moves very quickly, includes comedy and a little corny slapstick, and interviews numerous experts who share their knowledge and experience. I think it is just what ADHD Awareness Month needs!

If you haven’t seen the movie, you can purchase it as an instant download or DVD here.

If you find the movie as helpful as I do, you might want to find a place in your community where it can be shown during October. Not all library systems plan as far ahead as the one I mentioned above. In fact today I checked with the library system in our own county to see if we might show the movie for the third consecutive October. I was delighted to hear that just yesterday they had been talking among themselves about when they could schedule our now “annual” ADHD Awareness event! That was a happy surprise!

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