Do you live near Warrenton, Virginia? Would you enjoy a drive into the beautiful Virginia countryside on a Friday morning in the next four months? If so, I hope you’ll stop by Deja Brew Coffee Shop at 22 Main Street in Old Town Warrenton. I’ll be there from 9-11 every Friday morning through August, 2016, offering free, 20-minute, sample coaching sessions to anyone age 18 or older who is interested in learning more about coaching by having a brief coaching experience.

I believe strongly in the power of coaching. If you have heard of coaching (or even if you haven’t!) and wonder what it might be like, this is a chance for you to experience it in a brief, in-person session. Here are some suggestions to help you get the most from your free session:

  1. Use the ten minutes before the session to sit quietly and begin to focus on what you’d like to receive from the coaching session.
  2. Think of an area of your life where you feel stuck and would like to make progress during the coaching session. If you are able to describe what you are looking for in just a few sentences, that will give us more time to coach around that issue.
  3. Take a few minutes after the session to reflect on what was learned, perhaps writing down a few things you want to remember.

Our regular clients speak with us for 50-60 minutes a week for a minimum of twelve sessions. We know that it can take time to develop new habits of thought and action. Nevertheless, even in a single, brief 20-minute session there can be a shift in perspective or an “aha” moment of recognition or realization. There are no guarantees, but by preparing as described above you will make such an outcome more likely.

If you’d like to be assured of a 20-minute slot, call me at 703-508-4774 to set up an appointment. If you just want to walk in, you’re welcome to see if there is a slot available. I hope to see you.

(And if you are not near Warrenton, Virginia, please go to and click on the red flashing link for information about our Free Sample Phone Coaching Sessions. We are setting aside a few 30-minute appointments each week to introduce people who are not in our immediate area to coaching. Neil or I would be happy to schedule one of those appointments for you.)


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