Last week I saw a reference to a man named Scott Barry Kaufman – not once, but twice. Today, his name showed up again, and I thought I should pay attention!

I first saw Scott Barry Kaufman on an episode of “Brain Games,” in which the viewers were asked to remember the names of any people named during the show. He was one of those people, and his name stuck with me. That’s why I recognized him when I saw him a few days later in a documentary (though I can’t remember the name of the documentary!), and his article “The Creative Gifts of ADHD” in Scientific American came up today in a Google search. It’s worth checking out.

After those three incidents, I decided to look him up. It turns out he’s director of the Imagination Institute in the Positive Psychology Center at the University of Pennsylvania, as well as being author of many books and articles. (And I just discovered that he’s all over YouTube as well!) If you are interested in intelligence and creativity, you might want to check out


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