Free On April 2, 2015, Free To Be Coaching had a table at the Health and Fitness Expo at George Mason University Prince William. The variety of exhibitors was enormous, from credit unions to chiropractors, from folks promoting essential oils and natural supplements to various departments of the university such as Disability Services and Environmental Health.

Lots of people stopped by our table to chat. Many people shared stories about their ADHD acquaintances or family members. Many of those people knew a lot about ADHD, but others found it helpful to gain a clearer understanding as we chatted. We hope some of the resources on our website will be helpful to them.

One exhibitor with many products including essential oils told us about the dramatic positive effects (calming and improving focus were mentioned) a certain blend of oils seems to have on children and adults with ADHD. She gave us samples which we are happy to try by applying it to either wrists and back of neck or to soles of feet. She will be sending us links to research about essential oils and ADHD, since what we have seen so far suggests that any positive benefits reported are anecdotal rather than scientifically demonstrated. If we find that research persuasive, we’ll certainly share that information here.

A quick search of ADDitude magazine’s website brought up two articles that mention essential oils: “The New Way to Study with ADHD,” and “10 Ways to Help Your Child Focus.”

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