Today’s blog post will be brief because it is the announcement of our new YouTube channel. Creating that channel and its content has been occupying every possible minute in the last couple of weeks, so it’s definitely what is on my mind today.

Every few days I plan to post a short video on our channel. Each video will feature either Neil or me, and each will be only a couple of minutes long. The subject of each video will be an ADHD “hint” —  a tip or strategy or bit of information intended to give a boost to anyone living with ADHD.

Today I posted the first, introductory video. As soon as I have posted two or three more, I plan to announce the link to the channel, probably by a week from today or perhaps sooner.

I’m looking forward to this project as an opportunity to share information in a digest form to people who might benefit from it. In addition, I see this project as an opportunity to learn, because I know of no better way to learn something than to teach it to someone else!

If you are reading this blog next week and find the YouTube channel helpful, please pass that information along to others who might benefit from it.  Thanks!






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