This is a season of many holidays and celebrations and commemorations. Most of us have stepped a little (or a lot!) away from our normal routines. It’s a good time to insert a new behavior that may have benefits well into the coming new year.

I regularly suggest to my clients that they take time to pause, reflect, notice, and appreciate the goodness in their lives.  It’s good for our physical and mental health to take regular breaks from our routine responsibilities and from what can be frequent negative thinking. This time of year offers an invitation to take an even more significant break, since we have a ready made restart button in the form of the beginning of a new year.

We can use the end-of-year break to look back and notice where we’ve been, and the start of the new year is an opportunity to envision where we want to go. All of that looking can be through an appreciative lens–noticing what has been successful, worked well, and made us happy, as well as what positive actions we plan to take to move toward our goals for 2015.

In a few days we will have visits from all of our grandchildren, and then we’ll will travel to visit with them and their parents on New Year’s Eve. I plan to fully enjoy my time with family and to do some reflecting such as I’ve outlined here. There won’t be a blog post next week for that reason, but I’ll be back the first week in January and look forward to sharing with you then.

My Warmest Wishes for a Very Happy New Year!

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