Do you know your learning style? This is not something that I was aware of way back when I was in the early grades of school, but it seems like something useful to know about oneself. I just wish I knew a good way to determine mine.

There are learning style screeners online, just like there are for ADHD. In my experience, the ADHD screeners are more accurate and reliable.

Recently I took two different online screening tests, each promising to let me know my learning style. The first one told me that without a doubt (of course based on what I entered into the test) I was an auditory learner. That made sense to me. I majored in music in undergrad school.

But then I took a different test, and this time the results were presented in percentages. That test showed that I am 45% tactile, 35% visual, and only 20% auditory. It also makes sense to me that I might be a tactile learner, since I do learn better through hands-on methods, but the lack of consistence between the two screeners was a bit confusing.

I guess the main thing about learning styles is the fundamental fact that not everybody learns the same way. If you don’t “get” something when it is presented in one way, that doesn’t mean you won’t pick it up quickly if it’s presented in another way. Experiment. Try different ways of taking in information. Be patient with yourself if it takes you two or three tries to figure out how to approach something in a way that works well for you. And be patient with others when they don’t pick up something easily that seems like kindergarten material to you. I really have to work on that last point!

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