It’s my absolute favorite time of year. Even though today here in Virginia the temperature is decidedly un-fall-like (82 degrees), the trees are brilliant gold and orange. The sound of the wind is unique to the season, as it urges more and more leaves to surrender and drop with every new gust.

The trees are shedding their old habits (their 2014 garments) to enter a season of rest in preparation for receiving their new garb. We human beings often think of changing habits when the new year rolls around, but this is at least as appropriate a time for contemplating rest and renewal.

With all that we have been offered this month of ADHD Awareness, we might also enter the season of Thanksgiving a few weeks early. But Thanksgiving is a movable feast anyway, given the importance of gratitude in our daily, not just annual, lives.

ADHDers like variety, so I’m enjoying taking a new look at seasons and holidays for their meanings, not just where the live on my calendar. My guess is that will mix things up a little, stimulate my interest and creativity, and bring more joy into my life.

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