It was a bit of a surprise to find the DECEMBER issue of “mindful” magazine in my mail box Saturday. I know magazines always arrive before their designated date, but this seemed a little extreme.

It is always fun to receive “mindful,” however, so I was glad to begin dipping into it early this morning. Not only is the issue dated “December;” it is also focused on the December holidays, something I’m trying to postpone this year since there are so many events between now and early December! We have seven family birthday between now and December 16 (Neil’s birthday), and we will have the whole family at our home for Thanksgiving. That can be a challenge since Neil and I are vegan and others run the gamut of eating choices.

Because of my tendency to have an elevated anxiety level as the holidays approach, I began to rejoice in the early arrival of this edition of “mindful.” You might also find it valuable. Not only are there gift ideas related to yoga and mindfulness (both very useful practices for ADHDers!), but also there are articles such as

“Your Guide to Enjoying the Holidays” – five ways to be more mindful during the holiday season

“High Anxiety” – an extensive article about anxiety disorders, something that affects a high percentage of ADHDers throughout the year, not only over the holidays

“Top of Mind” – a collection of very brief comments on various topics, many of which are likely to be of interest to ADHDers. For example, one is about a phone app called “Moment” that helps you keep track of how much time you spend using your smartphone each day.

There are a lot of wonderful print/online magazines out there, but I think “mindful” is one of the top ones for ADHDers.

If you have favorite publications, write in and let us know!

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