Today Neil and I went to a program at our grandson’s school and had a wonderful time! We spent an hour or more in his classroom doing activities and seeing the beautiful work he has completed already this year. Then we went to a theater in the old downtown area where the students put on a delightful musical program.

One of the songs, sung by the middle school students, was called “Fun.” I didn’t recognize the song (or perhaps medley of songs), and I couldn’t catch all the words, but the spirit came through loud and clear. The boys and girls were bobbing to the rhythm and were completely engaged in the joy of their performance! It was contagious!

It made me think about the essential place fun or play has in our lives. Sometimes we don’t think we have time for something so trivial. Kid-stuff, we might call it. But fun is serious business – or at least it’s a vital part of being human. It’s hard to have a balanced life without some fun or play, whatever your age.

Next week ADDA (the Attention Deficit Disorder Association) is presenting a webinar by Dr. Kirsten Milliken called “The Most Fun Non-Medication Treatment for ADHD.” I’ve registered. If you are interested, click here to go to ADDA’s webinar page and sign up. The webinar is on October 29, from 9-10PM eastern daylight time. It’s sure to be fun!

If you’re not free to attend the webinar, check out Kirsten’s web page – PlayDHD. And find a way to put some fun in this beautiful fall week-end!

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