Tonight I’d like to share a link for a web site called Intelligent Introvert. It is the site of a leadership coach named Jeanine Cogan. On this site Dr. Cogan offers a great deal of information for the one-third to one-half of the population who are introverts.

Does it seem surprising that a person might have ADHD and also be an introvert? A search for “ADHD and introvert” brings up quite a few interesting discussions. Introverts may be as misunderstood by themselves and others as are folks with ADHD. I may have mentioned previously in this blog that recognizing my introversion was as significant a development for me as discovering his ADHD was for Neil. That’s why I’m always on the lookout for helpful information for introverts, and I think this site is a terrific source.

Today I received an emailed invitation from Jeanine Cogan to a free one-hour teleclass on October 30. It is the first session of a series of classes she is offering for a fee, and I plan to take advantage of the opportunity to participate in that class to learn more about the full program.

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