Today has been a strange one weather-wise. Here in Northern Virginia we have had above-normal temperatures and a lot of rain and, according to local radio, a lot of traffic accidents. I wasn’t able to walk my two miles outdoors, so I’ll be doing my alternate of 4.5 miles on the indoor bike.

Also, my beloved iMac is suddenly not available to me because the keyboard has stopped letting me spell anything containing the letters a-s-d-f-g-h-j-k, and sometimes other letters just for fun. I’m very fortunate to have a mobile device for typing this blog! I’ll be using it until I can replace my keyboard.

Things that pop up out of the ordinary — rain, balking computers, and more major crises – can actually perk up some ADHD brains. Those unexpected happenings are interesting, novel, and they inspire creative alternatives. If we aren’t hijacked by anxiety, crises can create the alternative to boring routines that makes ADHDers the go-to people. These are times when we can focus more clearly than others because the interesting, novel, challenging crisis is where we shine.

Have you ever experienced that? I’ve noticed that if I am planning an event and my anxiety is ramping up as it nears, if something unexpected happens that requires altering the plan, my anxiety lessens.

I’m finding that the words aren’t flowing very well tonight, probably because of the tiny keyboard I’m using, so I think I’ll ponder the issue further and perhaps come back to it on another post this month. So long for now.


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