Why do I Love ADHD Awareness Month? Because a big focus is about education. It’s about clearing up some of the misinformation and some of the many myths about ADHD. Misinformation can act as a poison. I don’t think that is too strong a term, since the myths and misinformation about ADHD can cause great pain for people who are misunderstood and judged. Education is one of the most potent antidotes.

ADHD Awareness Month is about making life a little bit easier and more understandable for the nearly ten percent of the population who happened to be born with a brain that is wired differently than the brains of the other 90 percent. It’s also about making life a little easier and more understandable for people who interact or live with, or who love those who have ADHD.

Human beings can have a lot of trouble with differences. Sometimes education can dissolve differences; sometimes it takes actually getting to know someone who is “different” to discover the ways we are unique and the ways we are the same.

The many ADHD Awareness Month activities that have been planned around the world can both educate us about ADHD and bring us into contact with people with ADHD. The month is only half over, so go to the ADHD Awareness Month web site and find an event near you or read an article or click on a link to learn more. If you don’t find what you are looking for, maybe I can help!


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