The Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA) is also posting something special every day in October for ADHD Awareness Month.

You’re familiar with TED talks? ADDA is inviting us to listen to TADD talks—Talking about ADD! Each of these daily talks is a little under ten minutes in length and each contains invaluable information about ADD presented by a top expert in the field.

My blog posting today is for the sole purpose of sending you to the ADDA site where you will find all of the talks that have already been posted, as well as a list of those upcoming at the rate of one each day for the rest of October.

Click here, enjoy, and be informed! Do your ADHD friends and family members a favor and let them know about this amazing treasure chest of information.

(As far as my pledge to walk 2 miles a day, do yoga every day, and post a blog every day during ADHA Awareness Month, I didn’t report yesterday, but I did do all three things! So far I’m keeping my pledge.)

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