Some of you may be old enough to remember the soft drink company that had a slogan: “The pause that refreshes.” We can get along nicely without the soft drink, but it is certainly true that a pause all by itself can be enormously refreshing.

Pausing. How hard can that be? You just stop what you are doing and wait a moment and then go back to work. A snap, right?

But what if you have ADHD? Learning to pause can be one of the most valuable strategies for having a more orderly and conscious life, but it can be very hard to pull off. If your brain is craving stimulation, a pause—a calm moment of no physical activity and slowing cognitive activity—can actually feel painful. Of course, anything new that we want to make a habit can feel strange and uncomfortable the first time we try it – and perhaps for quite a while longer, depending on how challenging it is. ADDers may feel that discomfort even more intensely when trying to pause.

But pausing is one of those things that is worth the effort to learn. Don’t take my word for it. Listen to a master, David Giwerc, Master Certified Coach and founder and president of the ADHD Coach Academy (my alma mater!). He joins Jeff Copper on Jeff’s Attention Talk Radio to discuss this very subject.

Take it away, Jeff and David!

(You might want to bookmark Jeff’s Attention Talk Radio site and return to sample more of the dozens of excellent interviews he has posted—all focused on ADHD. It’s a treasure!)

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