The movie ADD & Loving It  is being shown in numerous places this month as part of the observance of ADHD Awareness Month. It does a great job of debunking many of the myths that are abroad about ADHD, and it gets its message across in a very entertaining and ADHD-friendly manner. If you are a subscriber to Amazon Prime, you can watch it free on their site.

One of the messages of the film is that, in general, individuals with ADHD have a much more difficult time just making it through the day than do neurotypical folks. Each day can be a struggle, because the world doesn’t usually run in a way that harmonizes with the brains of folks with ADHD. But despite the obstacles, some people triumph.

This afternoon I met a remarkable young woman who seems to have done just that, even though she faces multiple challenges as far as functioning in the world we all live in. Though I spoke with her only briefly, she made quite an impression on me.

She volunteered to me, a relative stranger, that not only did she have ADHD; she also had autism. She told me that she got her ADHD from her father’s side of the family, and she enjoyed telling a few humorous tales about how her father’s ADHD shows up in their family life. Not only her father but also some cousins have ADHD. This is is not surprising since ADHD is highly heritable – more so even than diabetes.

When she told me that her mother had taken her out of public school when she was young because her needs weren’t being met, I reminded her that the same thing had happened to Thomas Edison. He thrived in a home-school situation, as well as in later life, and so, apparently, has my new friend.  She mentioned in passing that she is part of the student government of her college, and then announced that she is going to be graduating from junior college next spring with honors in every subject. It will have taken her eight years to accomplish this feat, despite the predictions of many that she would never make it. Think of the courage and determination it has taken for her to persevere for eight years and to succeed so fully. She was clearly, justifiably proud of herself! I hope our paths cross again some day.


Today I need to report on two days of walking and yoga per my ADHD Awareness Month challenge to myself:

Yesterday I walked at least two miles and did 45 minutes of yoga. Challenge met for 10/8/14.

Today I rode my stationery bicycle 4.6 miles and did 45 minutes of yoga. I really don’t know how closely 4.6 miles on a bicycle compares to walking two miles outside (my pledge for each day in October), but I’m giving myself the benefit of the doubt and considering the challenge met for today.

By the way, I’m loving the yoga DVD I’ve been using this month: It’s called “Element: Yoga Energy and Relax” with Tamal Dodge. I especially enjoy the Relax program. You might want to try it!

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