Today, on the 8th day of ADHD Awareness Month, I’d like to tell you something about myself and about the coaching business of which I am a part, Free To Be Coaching, LLC ( First, a little background:

My husband, Neil, and I are both ADHD coaches, having graduated together from the Advanced Coaching Course at the ADD Coach Academy. We have also received credentials from the International Coach Federation, and each of us has more than 200 hours of coaching to our credit.

At first, our coaching practice centered on adults – either adults with ADHD or adults who live with folks with ADHD. That seemed a perfect niche for the two of us, since Neil has ADHD and I live with him!

We bring many decades of life experience living with ADHD to our practice, though we didn’t always know that was what it was! For the first thirty years of our marriage, we didn’t know that Neil had ADHD. We just knew that he had so many challenges that I ended up choosing to become his partner in a family business, because many of my skills filled in areas where Neil was challenged. This arrangement allowed Neil to use his many talents and strengths (some directly related to his ADHD) to establish himself as an expert in his consulting field, a position he held for many years until he retired. In addition to working together, we have experienced the challenges of marriage when ADHD is part of the mix, we have raised two children together, and now we have four beautiful grandchildren.

When Neil was diagnosed about twelve years ago, we began our journey of learning about ADHD and about ourselves. In recent years, coaching has been a significant part of that journey. As a result, we are now passionate about helping others who are also interested in growing in their understanding of themselves and in dealing with their challenges through coaching. For many people, having a coach has created their first opportunity to feel complete acceptance for who they are and support in moving toward becoming all they can be.

As Neil and I have progressed in our practice, we have realized that high school and college students are at a critical time in their lives to learn about their ADHD. Students face many challenges in schools that more often than not are not set up to foster the growth of children who are outside the mainstream norm. As a result, ADHD students can grow up feeling as if they are somehow defective. That message can be so loud that they are deaf to their many gifts and strengths.

We have decided to expand our coaching practice to welcome high school and college students; actually anyone from age 13 to 90 (or older!) is invited. The same strengths-based approach that we have taken with our adult clients is appropriate for our younger clients. It is never too early to learn to appreciate one’s strengths and talents, to explore one’s values, and to devise strategies to navigate the challenges one faces.

We coach in person in Warrenton, Virginia. But we also coach by phone and by FaceTime or Skype. If you think one of us might be just the coach for you, please visit our web site and either email us or telephone us to request a complementary exploratory session. We’d love to talk with you to see if we are a good fit for coaching!

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