If you are going to be in Northern Virginia this Thursday, October 9, 2014, stop by the Fauquier County campus of Lord Fairfax Community College to help us celebrate ADHD Awareness Month.

At noon on Thursday, Neil and I will be showing the movie “ADD and Loving It?!” featuring Patrick McKenna and Rick Green as well as many ADHD experts, including Dr. Edward Hallowell and Thom Hartmann. The college is located at 6480 College Street in Warrenton, VA, and the event will be held in the Rose Loeb Center which is in the main building of the college. We’ve invited not only the college community but also anyone in the wider Warrenton and Fauquier and Northern Virginia area. The college has a beautiful multi-story space where we hope to see lots of people show up to have some common misconceptions about ADHD corrected.

The movie will start as close to noon as possible in hopes that that students with 1pm classes will be able to stay through the end of the 57-minute film. Afterwards, Neil and I will be there to field any questions until about 1:30. Please join us!

This announcement will be my blog post for today – except that I will report that I walked two miles on our residential road this morning and did some yoga tonight. Challenges met!

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