Tomorrow Neil and I (and Free To Be Coaching) will have a table at the CHADD—Children and Adults with ADHD—first annual Walk and Family Fun Day. It will be held in a beautiful, woodsy park in Arlington, Virginia, about forty miles from our home. The torrential rains have stopped, tomorrow looks like a perfect day to be outside, so if you are in the area, come on out! (There’s more information here:

What will we be doing tomorrow? Raising money for CHADD is one purpose of the event; another is raising awareness about ADHD and reducing the stigma; yet another is informing people of all the resources for help and support available to them.

One additional thing I will be doing tomorrow is celebrating. I will be celebrating that every one of us is great, just the way we are! Each of us has gifts and talents and strengths that make us unique. If I don’t find ways to express mine, who else will? If you don’t find ways to express yours, nobody else will, because there is nobody else just like you.

Some of us have hands that work well for throwing a ball, but others’ hands excel at playing the piano; some of us have legs that seem built for running, while other legs seem made to be tripped over when we run but work really well for climbing. Some of us have brains that are inclined toward doing what we’re told and being organized and paying attention to the speaker, while others tend more toward out-of-the-box thinking, a fuzzy sense of time, and needing our bodies to be moving when we are learning.

Which type is right? Wrong question!! We are all great, just as we are! Nobody is better than anybody else. The world would be a much poorer, duller place if we were all the same. The more we know ourselves and accept ourselves, the more we can contribute from our uniqueness. The more we appreciate ourselves, the more we will see the wonderful uniqueness of everyone around us.

That’s what I’ll be celebrating at the CHADD Walk and Family Fun Day tomorrow!

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