If you are on a quest to learn more about ADHD, you’ve surely discovered that there is more material available than the average person has time to read or listen to or view. A quick search of Amazon’s site for “ADHD” today turned up just under four thousand books! How do we know how to choose? Sometimes it seems there are as many experts as there are books.

I often start with reviews and recommendations from people whose opinions I trust.  That’s a great screening tool. Many books that I order based on recommendations turn out to be quite valuable. I read parts of others with plans to return to them some day. Some I don’t connect with at all.  My wish lists are extensive.

There are several publications such as ADDitude and Attention magazines that print short articles or columns by experts on ADHD. Those articles can give you a taste of a writer’s perspective and may guide you to relevant online materials.

There are also many webinars online. Last summer I listened to one offered by ADDitude magazine. The subject was “The Secrets of the ADHD Brain: What You Need to Know About the Condition.” The speaker was Dr. William Dodson, MD, a board certified adult psychiatrist from Denver, CO, who has specialized in ADHD for twenty years. I hadn’t heard of Dr. Dodson before, but I listen to a lot of webinars and thought this one sounded like it had potential.

I tuned in, took pretty good notes, and found myself returning to them frequently. One thing Dr. Dodson said was so helpful that I put it on a 4×6 card that sits on my desk in constant view, and I refer to it often. I just checked and found that webinar is still available online here, in case you are interested. Click here for a print article on the same topic.

Today I came across an current article by Dr. Dodson on the ADDitude web site. This new article resonates with me just as strongly as last July’s webinar. This one is called “Secrets of ADHD Treatment: You have ADHD — so your treatment plan should be based on how people with attention deficit think, feel, and live.” I’ve printed it out and plan to dig into it after finishing this blog. If you are interested, click here.

So, now you have a recommendation from me for one expert who writes articles and books and presents webinars. Consider using the comment area of this blog to share your recommendations of people or sources that have helped you navigate life with ADHD. You might remember from an earlier post that if you read something with the intention of sharing it with someone else, you are much more likely to retain the material. Read it and share it. I’d love to hear your recommendations, and I’m sure others would as well. Then come back and see what others of our tribe recommend!

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